Reader Submission: Water, Water Everywhere…

14 Jun

Got a great submission from a reader (what!? I have readers??) yesterday.  Interesting that it came right after Sunday, when the electricity and water kept going out in our neighborhood.  Why those two things would happen together is just completely beyond me…

Here goes!

I haven’t had regular water output since 8 Dec of LAST YEAR!  I live in Casco Viejo who is supplied by Miraflores.  Every week it’s a new thing:  either no water pressure at all during the day, or just at nite or every other week…..on top of that, IDAAN wants to double-charge me from last month’s water bill, which was paid IN FULL……..WTF, PANAMA!

Love it.  “Dear customer, could you please come wait in line for an hour or two to pay us again?  We’d love to get some more money for not carrying out our sole responsibility.  Thanks.”  

Two oceans…a massive canal…lots of lakes…don’t even get me started on all the rain…and yet sooo many problems with getting people water in their homes.



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