Now I Know Why It’s Direccion

20 Jun

I always thought it was a little odd that the way you say “address” in Spanish is “directions”.  Well, in Panama, that makes perfect sense.  No addresses?  No postal service?  No problem! 

Why would anyone need to mail anything to anyone when Panama City is so small and easy to get around due to its lack of traffic?   And it’s oh-so much more fun to get in line for a while and pay one of those speedy cashiers rather than simply mailing in your utility bills. 

Oh, and if I need to find a specific location, who needs things like building numbers or street signs…or just one name per street, for that matter?  Just tell me that it’s diagonal from where the old toy store used to be, just past the old man wearing the blue t-shirt and yellow Crocs selling raspados on the corner.  Can’t miss it!

Or you could get fancy and a create simple, easy-to-follow sketch to navigate clients to your place of business, like Yoytec Computer:

Seriously, though, this is a massive problem that needs to be addressed.  Panama is a major economic/business/cultural hub.  It needs to start acting like it and create a logical system for navigating it.  I encourage everyone to get on Google MapMaker and start making changes to the Google Map of Panama to make it at least somewhat accurate.  Once the changes are approved on MapMaker, they eventually make it onto the actual GoogleMaps, where they can make life easier for all of us. DO IT NOW!

WTF, Panama?


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