It’s Raining…2x4s?

24 Jun

Walking down one of the busiest streets in Bella Vista today, a large 2×4 came flying down from the 10th floor of a building under construction and slamming into the concrete below.  Miraculously, it landed right after one car had passed and right before the next one drove up. 

It was kind of a terrifying moment.  Everyone on the sidewalk paused and looked.  What did we see?  Construction workers 10 floors up giggling like school girls and a few on the ground floor running into the street to grab the board…also laughing up a storm. 

Are you effing kidding me?  IT’S NOT FUNNY.  You very realistically could have killed people.  Accidents happen (and DEAR GOD I hope this was an accident and not actually done as a joke), but laughter and jokes are not the appropriate response.  I wish there was any kind of government agency here that would give a damn about this, because I would’ve reported it immediately.  Unfortunately, everyone just kept walking, and the construction workers went back to dropping things, whistling at girls, and covering the streets in mud instead of actually building the building.  No repercussions whatsoever for their irresponsible behavior that puts other people in danger.  It’s sad that no one will do anything to monitor this until it’s too late and something truly tragic happens.

WTF, Panama?


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