It’s Time for Some Change

8 Jul

Panama using US currency, though odd, is super convenient.  But HEY, US MINT!  I think you’re not sending down enough coins and $1 bills, because it’s frickin IMPOSSIBLE to buy anything in Panama without the cashier asking you for change. 

“Your total is 19.67.”

“Here’s a 20”

“Do you have 67 cents?  Or maybe 7? Or 2?  What about 4 dollars and 67 cents so I can give you a 5?” 

And if you try to pay for a cab (which costs $3 max) with anything more than a 5, prepare to be stabbed.

I’m not sure if it’s some ridiculous game they like to play with gringos, or if all of these businesses really haven’t adopted the craaaaazy concept of going to the bank to stock up on change regulary, but this whole thing is, quite simply, retarded. 

“No, bitch, I only have a 20.  Give me my groceries and my exact change.”

WTF, Panama??


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