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Super Pet!

28 Feb

No, Super Pet is not the Panamanian version of Underdog, it’s a vet/grooming service that rocks.  They are super nice, they have someone that speaks English (or you can make appointments via e-mail if, like me, your written Spanish is about 5000x better than spoken), and it only costs about 20-25 bucks to get little Fido washed and groomed quite nicely. 

Best part?  They will come pick him up from your home and bring him back to you later that day! Whaaaa? How cool is that?  You KNOW you don’t want to be sitting in an hour of traffic to go two miles with that dirty little mut bouncing all over the car 🙂

WTF, Panama?  That’s effin’ awesome!




25 Feb

Technically this picture only says one word…but it could certainly lead to a thousand questions. 

WTF, Panama?


22 Feb

Okay, I don’t want to be a Poopy Patty.  There are lots of AWESOME things about Panama!  Like mangoes just growing all over the place.  I can’t wait till these suckers are ripe and we can all walk around just picking them off of trees.  Sweeeeeet.  Literally. 

WTF, Panama?  That’s effin awesome.

Little mango babies - nomnomnom!


21 Feb

I know you’re ‘ppo’edly ‘peaking ‘panish…but where, oh where, have all the “S”s gone????

WTF, Panama?


20 Feb

Being a…

pretty, ugly, fat, skinny, tall, short, blonde, brunette, red-head, light-skinned, dark-skinned, young, or old female

…and wearing…

a short dress, a mumu, a mini-skirt, a frumpy hippie skirt, shorts, capris, jeans, a suit, a tank top, an over-sized t-shirt, a fur coat, or sweats

…will result in Panamanian men…

honking as they drive by, whistling from their construction sites, eying you as you walk by then making hissing noises (yes, HISSING noises), or, worst of all, invading your personal space by sticking their face into yours just as they’re about to walk past you and saying “Hola, mamiiiiiii” (or something much more offensive).

Really, some of this happens anywhere you go in the world, but the getting in the woman’s face thing crosses a line.  Probably a huge part of why women don’t walk anywhere here…in addition to the debris in the sidewalks and the holes in the groundWTF, Panama?

Awesome City Maintenance

14 Feb

Dear City of Panama,

Thanks for finally cutting down half of a giant tree on my street that has been growing into the power lines for years. 

Thank you, also, for leaving most of the amputated tree limbs and debris on the sidewalk.  Now we can continue to enjoy the full tree when we have to walk around the pieces.  Good call. 

WTF, Panama?

It may be all cut up, but we still get to walk around all the pieces. Yay!

Customer Service

12 Feb

So my options are no help with my purchases whatsoever or you following me around the entire store, 1.5 feet behind me, right in my personal space?  I really can’t decide which is worse.  WTF, Panama?